10k Rundown

11 Oct

I ran the Tufts 10k for Women in Boston yesterday. I’ve been prepping for this race for the past two months so I’ve been really excited and a little nervous about it the last few days. I’ve also been getting over a migraine and was nervous I might not feel well enough to run.

I’ve done a couple of races alone, but I think I get more excited when I have family or friends to support and cheer me on. I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to be able to see me run today, but my parents were able to make it. I ended up driving to CT with Matt Sunday night and staying the night at my parents house. They drove me back to Boston for the race. It was nice to be home and to have a nice meal. My night before race dinner was a juicy steak, rice and plantains, it was amazing! I also made sure I drank a lot of water to stay hydrated.

In the morning I had a bowl of cereal and I was drinking a lot of water on the ride to Boston. My stomach was tied up in knots, I think it was from nerves. When we got back to my apartment I originally wanted to have something small for lunch, but I decided against it since my stomach was so unsettled. Pre-race fuel ended up being just an apple. We headed downtown for the race and it was very hot out.

Pre-race picture

Temps were in the 80’s and the race started right at noon during the peak heat. I was hoping to run the race with a 7:45 split time, but that didn’t happen. I was on pace the first two miles with 7:30 splits. These first two miles were all in shade though. The race then went over the Charles River and there was no shade, just full blown heat. I was hot, a little weak and started to get the urge to go to the bathroom. I was just not feeling my best.

Coming across the finish line, putting my hand up because I was a first timer

I finished the race a little disappointed knowing that I didn’t reach my desired time, but I still did pretty good. I ran the 6.2 miles in 52:57 and my split time was 8:27. Not bad considering how awful I was feeling. I’m really glad my mom and dad were able to come see me and I have to say thanks to my mom for taking all the great pics :)

Exhausted!! On my way to get water, Gatorade and a banana

This race will definitely push me to work harder next time around. I probably won’t run another 10k until next year, but I definitely have a goal for the next one. Next up I think I’m going to sign up for a 5k, the distance is a lot more manageable for me and I won’t need as much prep time for it.

How do you handle not reaching a personal goal?


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