Stretching Away Sore Muscles with Yoga

12 Oct

I am so incredibly sore from my race on Monday. My back is really tight and my legs yell at me whenever I walk up stairs. Even small movements burn a little. I actually kind of like being sore. I feel like I got a good workout in and I know I pushed myself, but it’s not always the most comfortable feeling.

Normally in the mornings I do either cardio, strength training, or on running days I will do yoga. I have decided against any strength training and the last two days have been made up of just some relaxing yoga stretches.

I do a lot of yoga series from the book Slim Calm Sexy Yoga. I picked it up about a year ago and I love that it has routines that are quick and easy to do.There are also a variety of poses depending on what you are in the mood for. There are groups of yoga series for relaxing, strength and for overall well being.

I use this book for my early morning workout routines

I’ve gotten used to doing my routines in the morning so I have a nightly ritual to make sure I wake up and actually do them. Here’s a list of ways to prep for an early morning yoga session.

  • Put your yoga mat out the night before – it’s just one less thing to do in the morning
  • Leave a change of workout clothes to quickly change into when you wake up – again one less thing to do in the morning
  • Fill a water bottle up – there’s nothing like early morning dry mouth to distract from your workout
  • Set your alarm earlier than usual – I typically set mine depending on the workout I’m doing. Yoga is 30 minutes earlier and cardio/body weight training is 45 minutes earlier

I always feel so accomplished after getting a morning workout or yoga session in, especially on days when I have class and I know I normally wouldn’t be able to workout with my packed schedule. I also like it because it’s a great way to start the day and is a metabolism booster.

When do you typically try to exercise?


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