Clear Space, Clear Mind – Fall DeClutter

21 Oct

Apartment living comes with tiny closets and small amounts of storage space. This has caused me to really put a lot of thought into what will be in my drawers and closet. Almost a third of what I own ends up in storage for part of the year, which I prefer because I’m also a big proponent of de-cluttering. De-cluttering for me also means if I haven’t worn an item in 2 years this is the time to reevaluate if it needs to be a part of my wardrobe.

Last night was the start of my transition to Fall and Winter clothing. I went through all of my drawers and threw out old socks and other items that can’t be reused and made a small pile of clothes that will be headed to Goodwill. I also sorted through to see what would be transitioning into storage over the cold months. All my strappy sandals and heels, bathing suits, halter tops and the majority of my shorts are in a nice pile ready to go downstairs tomorrow afternoon.

Adios summer clothes, see you in 6 months :(

Now I will be able to bring up all my sweaters and heavy coats. I also have some more cold weather running gear that will start to be a necessity. Although I’m sad to see the summer stuff go into hibernation I do love wearing sweaters and coats in the colder months. The clear out also gives me the ability to reorganize and it feels like preparation for the new season. It’s a little ritual that I enjoy doing.

There’s a saying “clear space, clear mind” and I couldn’t agree more.

This morning I also got my clothes ready for my after work 5 mile run and then my weekend will officially start. Happy Friday everyone!

Shoes, watch, ipod, clothes - check. Ready for my after work run.

Any plans big plans for the weekend?


One Response to “Clear Space, Clear Mind – Fall DeClutter”

  1. snapshotsofhappiness October 22, 2011 at 10:17 am #

    I’m currently on my way to SD! :)

    Good job on the clearing out. I’m really awful with the 2 years rule. I hold on to things for too long.

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