Take Care of Your Running Feet

3 Nov

Today started out with a quick 15 minute workout via I love getting in a quick workout in the mornings. I recently started the BodyRock routines a couple of months ago and I love that they are quick and intense. Some of the workouts require some equipment, but I make up equipment-less variations or they offer variations. They also have a number of workouts that don’t use any equipment other than an interval timer.

I switched it up for lunch this week and instead of my usual salad I’ve been making mini personal pizzas with some leftovers I had at home. I brought in some pizza sauce, low fat mozzarella and whole wheat pitas and left them in the fridge at work. We happen to have a small toaster oven so at lunch time I put about 3 tablespoons of sauce on the pita and sprinkled a small amount of cheese on top. I left it on the toast setting for about 15 minutes and voila, my own personal pizza. I ended up leaving it in a little bit longer than I wanted, but it made the crust crunchier and it tasted more like a pizza.

Delicious pizza, it was the main part of my lunch with some carrots, apple and yogurt

Tonight I got in a 5.75 mile run after work. Which felt great. I’m trying to work on keeping a consistent pace though I always start out quick and end up slowing down toward the end.

Love my Nike+

My foot is finally almost fully healed from the horrible blood blister that turned into a callus I got after running my 10k about a month ago. This got me thinking a lot about ways to take care of your feet since they are runners’ essential tool. These are some great ways to take care of your running feet.

1. Buy the right shoes

This is so important. Once I went to a store and bought a pair of running shoes simply because they were on sale. I think I only ran in the shoes twice because I was got awful blisters and my foot was cramping. Running shoes not only affects your feet, but your whole gait and running performance. Not all running shoes are made equal and everyone should buy shoes based on how they run.

Some shoes are made for people that overpronate, or turn their foot inward when they run. People with flat feet, like me, tend to overpronate when they run. In this case it’s good to buy a shoe with more stability support.

Other runners tend to underpronate and tend to push off more with the outside edge of their foot. For these types of runners you may want to look into more of a cushioned shoe.

Some lucky runners have a normal pronation where there foot gets equal impact. These runners should look for a medium between a cushioned shoe and a structured shoe.

Different Types of Running Pronation


Some running shoe companies will list all this information on their web site. Also it’s useful to go to a shoe store that caters specifically to runners. I’ve heard New Balance stores provide a professional fitting. Many of these types of stores will be more knowledgeable about the type of shoe that is right for your running style. Buying the right shoes will prevent not only foot and body pain but calluses and blisters as well.

2. Exfoliate

I make a point of constantly exfoliating my feet. Since I run about 3 – 4 times a week I will get some tough skin on areas that my shoes rub against. I keep a pumice stone right in the shower and will scrub the problem areas at the end of my shower. When using a pumice stone you want your feet to be softened and soaked, not dry. That’s why this is the last part of my shower routine. It’s also important not to scrub too hard. Quickly and lightly scrub your problem areas and you will feel and see the results quickly.

If you aren’t much for doing it yourself, spas will exfoliate your feet as part of a pedicure appointment. This is a more expensive option, but to keep smooth soft feet it could be useful to do this about once a month.

3. Moisturize

Yes, your feet need to be moisturized too, so don’t leave your toes and heels hanging when putting on lotion. There are also some great feet specific moisturizers that you can put on overnight or first thing in the day to soften up those feet. Here are a few options that are great at moisturizing dry feet.

[Sources: Amazon: Heel Rescue,  Amazon: Dr Scholls for Her, Walmart: Freeman Bare Foot Balm]

Running can put a major strain on your feet. Taking care of them is a great way avoid pain and calluses. Buying the right shoes can make your run more effective and cause less foot and full body pain. As a runner it’s easy to feel confident in your running shoes, but what about a new pair of heels or strappy sandals in the summer? Taking care of your feet now will make the spring time that much easier to bear.


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