Cold Weather Base Layers

6 Jan

This morning I did a quick 7 minute workout. After work I decided to do an interval treadmill workout for about 3.1 miles. I ran two other times this week and did longer 5 mile runs to keep up my endurance, but today I just wanted to get in a quick and tough interval workout. This is the workout I did.

I basically just went back and forth between the two paces and did each speed for 2 minutes until I hit 3.1 miles. I ended up dropping the incline to 0% about half way through. It was tough and I was pretty sweaty after, but I’m glad I pushed my self. I was able to complete this in about 24:40.

I saw this image yesterday on FitSugar’s Facebook page and thought it was funny and so true.

Whenever I’m on the treadmill I try to either outrun the person next to me in time or go faster than them. I think it’s a good bit of internal motivation.

After the run I ran through some of my usual ab exercises. I also have a new favorite ab exercise using a stability workout ball.

Step 1

Step 2


Directions for this exercise and some other stability ball ab exercises can be found on Good House Keeping. These exercises are killer and after just a few my abs are burning. I do a variation where I tuck in on the side working the obliques as well.

Cold Weather Base Layers

Anyone that runs or exercises outdoors in the winter know the importance of a quality, warm, moisture-wicking base-layer. A base layer will help to keep sweat away from your body, which wards off any extra chill.

I’ve been searching for more base-layers that I can use with my day to day clothes. My parents bought me these silk long johns from L.L. Bean last Christmas and they have been my saving grace on my cold walks to work. When I think of long johns I always think of the bulky uncomfortable things my grandmother used to buy me and my brother Christian when we were in elementary school. Now however, there are a bunch of companies that make cold weather base layers that are thin, neutral, and comfortable, like my L.L. Beans.

I actually purchased a new pair yesterday with a gift card I got from Christmas for J.C. Penny. The brand is called Cuddl Duds and I was able to buy a long sleeve top and bottom on sale for $34 (plus shipping) which is half the regular price.

Similar to the pair I bought


I was also considering using some sports base layers for day to day use. Some perks for the sport base-layers are many are focused on compression, so you won’t get the bulk underneath your clothes. A number of sporting company’s provide these types of base layers like Hot Chili’s and Under Armour.

Yes my blog is focused on fashion, but I’m all about comfort. I think it’s very possible to be warm and fashionable. What I like about base layers is that they generally come in pretty neutral colors. It’s very easy to slip them on underneath a sweater for some added warmth without them being noticed. I also prefer those with moisture wicking properties. There’s nothing worse than walking around and working up a little bit of a sweat just to have the cold cotton clinging against your body. Just thinking about it gives me the chills.

Prior to city living I never really considered layering for the winter the way I do now. I rely heavily on public transportation or walking so I’m constantly outdoors for extended periods of time. I’m glad that there are now non-bulky and neutral options to stay warm so I’m not walking around like the kid in the Christmas Story.


What steps do you take to stay warm in the winter?


3 Responses to “Cold Weather Base Layers”

  1. Pauline January 7, 2012 at 8:52 am #

    Thanks for the Ab exercises! I’m saying that now before I actually try them cause I may be in too much pain to be thankful afterwards! :)

    • Valerie January 9, 2012 at 12:00 pm #

      No problem! The stability ball exercise is great, it works the core so much better than usual crunches.


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