Ways to Stay Active in the Winter

10 Jan

I can’t believe I start my last semester of grad school in one week. I’m excited that I’ll be finishing school and moving on with the next phase of my life. I know I have time to start looking for a new job, but I’m excited for all the new opportunities and adventures I’ll get to experience this year. Although I do enjoy my current job, it’s an entry level position and I’m already getting the itch to move on to something more challenging.

Last night I skipped my usual after work run and decided to go home and do some cleaning and laundry. I finally have all my Christmas cleaned up and put away. This morning I did a short 12 minute workout from called Turn Me On Fitness. At the gym today I did my 40 minute interval workout on the treadmill followed by this abs and arms workout (click on the picture to enlarge).


I think I may have over worked myself today the arms and abs workout was brutal. I made up for it by enjoying  this delicious blueberry shake when I got home.

Very Berry Smoothie Ingredients:

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

5 whole frozen strawberries

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup vanilla bean greek yogurt

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1 Tbsp flaxseed oil

1 Tbsp ground flaxseed

That’s it! I just blended it together and it was the perfect amount for my cold cup.

Ways to Stay Active in the Winter

What I love about winter are all the activities that are typically pretty cold weather specific. In the summer it’s very easy to get out and be active, during the cold months a little extra motivation is needed to go out into the cold, but it can be just as fun. I tend to take my rest days on the weekends so instead I like to try to get out and be active. These are some great cold weather activities to enjoy until spring comes back around.

Snowboarding/ Skiing

This is a more expensive option, but not only is snowboarding fun, but it’s also a great workout. Recreational snowboarding can burn 250 to 630 calories per hour for a 110-200 lb adult, so a day or half day at the slopes burns some major calories while also having fun. This is still on my to-do list this year, it’s just a matter of setting a time to go.

Ice Skating

Many towns have indoor and outdoor rinks where you can rent skates for a reasonable fee. This is also a great date idea in the winter. I’m trying to convince Matt to go next weekend, I’ve never gone so it should be an interesting experience.


In high school me and my friends went sledding all the time in the winter. I even went a a few times with my friends in college. Sledding makes you feel like a kid again and is a very inexpensive way to enjoy the winter and the snow.


If you like hiking in the summer, you should try it’s winter counterpart. This is a great way to check out trails in a new way. There are parks and other locations that rent snowshoes if you don’t want to purchase them.

Going for a Walk

This is one of  my go-tos. Matt and I tend to go on a lot of walks around the city. We will grab a hot cocoa and just take in the sites around Cambridge and Boston, or do some window shopping around Newbury. I always make sure to layer-up and this is another activity that’s free and great to do with a friend.

What are your favorite cold weather activities?

I enjoy snowboarding even though I’m still new at it and not that good, but this winter has been a lot warmer than usual and we’ve been lacking in snow. There was a dusting this morning! I’m hoping for a little more snow so I can get out and enjoy it and luckily there’s more snow in the forecast this week! I am excited to try out ice skating at some point, possibly next weekend.


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  1. L-Jay Health January 11, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

    I like this blog. Very informative. I love running as well.

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