End of the Week Motivation

20 Jan

I’m feeling much better after dealing with a crappy cold earlier in the week. I’m still super congested, so I’m hoping I can kick this cold this weekend with a little extra rest.

My classes started last night and I think I’m going to enjoy this class. It’s an entertainment marketing class, so we get to talk a lot about pop culture and celebrity. The workload doesn’t seem too overwhelming either, just three major graded projects and reading. Originally I was going to switch this class, but I think I will enjoy it. It will be a fun class to have my last semester.

This morning I did a workout challenge that was posted on Zuzana Light’s Facebook page (ex- host?), 6 burpees, 6 plyo squats, 6 lunge backs repeated 13 times. I thought it would be easy but it was a pretty tough workout, half way through my hamstrings were burning.

After work today I did a bit of an interval workout.

My fast pace was set at 7.7 for the first half mile and I sped up to 8. The second mile I stayed at 8 and the third mile I up’ed my speed to 8.3. My walk pace was 2.5. I did this in about 44 minutes. I want to do more of these long interval workouts because I definitely want to increase my speed on my runs, which brings me to my topic for the day, motivation!

A Little End of the Week Motivation


Since I graduated from college in ’09 I feel like I’ve been more motivated to take care of my health and my body. I’ve been running since high school and have always included some light weights on the machines at the gym. In college I went to the gym because I enjoyed it, I’ve always loved running, but I didn’t push myself. I typically ran the same pace and the same distances, my workouts lacked variety. I also don’t think some of my motivation was the most healthy.

In college I feel like a lot of my motivation to workout was simply to look better. I always wanted to be slimmer and to lose weight. However, since college I’ve really had a new spurt of motivation. I’ve been setting goals. In terms of running I want to get quicker and do more races. I’ve added variety to my workouts with weight training and more cross training. I’m also eating a lot better than I used to. I’m taking a fitness assessment from the gym at my college this weekend to get a baseline as to where I’m at physically, to set-up a baseline. The last time I had one done is high school so it will be nice to see if I have gotten stronger.

Maybe it’s my overall lifestyle change, but I feel like I look and feel better than I ever have and I’m not as worried about the number on the scale. Being healthy is my new motivation. This is a huge shift for me and I’m happy about it, it’s nice not to obsess over my weight. What motivates me now is feeling healthy and achieving my goals.

What motivates you to workout?


4 Responses to “End of the Week Motivation”

  1. Pauline January 22, 2012 at 8:41 am #

    I’m struggling with the whole do I want to increase running speed or running distance issue. What is the benefit of increasing speed vs distance, I guess it’s good if you want to do races, but if it’s just for personal “I want to keep in shape”, I’m not sure if speed or distance is what I should concentrate on. Your thoughts?

    • Valerie January 24, 2012 at 9:29 am #

      I think it really depends on what your goals are. For me I’ve started to run more road races and I have noticed that my times have plateaued, so this is something I want to improve on. I’ve been doing this with more speed work with a combination of distance running. Distance running is obviously good if you have goals to run longer and increase endurance. Longer runs are great if you are interested in longer road races as well like a 10k, half marathon or marathon. To just keep in shape it would be good to get a good combination of long and short runs, with some speed work mixed in there. You will want to keep your workouts dynamic and interesting to get the most out of them.


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