President’s Day Weekend Shenanigans

21 Feb

I took about a week off of running because I was experiencing some pain on the top of my foot. I think it may have been tendonitis from wearing some flats that didn’t fit that great. Last week included a lot of resting, ice and ibuprofen. I’m feeling a lot better now, every once in a while I’ll get a little pain in my left foot, but I’m still icing it occasionally.

Speaking of running, I was contacted on twitter by a company called Celliant. They mailed me a free performance pack that consisted of 2 pairs of socks, a sweatband and pair of wristbands.

I haven’t used sweatbands in year, but the socks ended up being super useful and comfy. I wore them Sunday and yesterday on my runs.

What I personally like about the sock is the cushioning throughout the bottom of the foot. There is also some great arch support and the top of the sock offered a lot of breathability. The nice soft cushy feel of the fabric can also be felt on the sweatbands.

What actually differentiates this company is the fabric they use. Their fiber increases blood flow and blood oxygen levels in the tissue of the body. The technology is used in their own branded athletic clothing and some Adidas and Reebok clothing listed on their web site.

Weekend Fun

One of my best friends from home came to visit this weekend. Jill came to visit Saturday and spent the night. It was awesome being able to catch up since we only saw each other briefly during the holidays and this was her first time visiting me in Boston. We walked around Cambridge during the day, then headed into Boston at night with another friend from high school. It was a lot of fun showing her around the city.

Me and Jill waiting for the T.

Jill left Sunday and I basically vegged out on the couch. I bought season 2 of Mad Men a few weeks back and I had a bit of a marathon this weekend. I have one more episode until I’m done with the season and I’m kind of obsessed. I love that it’s about the advertising industry (which I’m interested in getting in to), the fashion from the early 60’s was amazing, and the script and directing is definitely thoughtful and different.

I didn’t just watch TV all weekend though. I went for two runs outside which felt amazing. I really can’t wait for the weather to warm up and the days to get longer. I also went to the gym for a run and a little lifting.

Yesterday I made it out to the mall for a little President’s Day shopping.

Recent Shopping TripRecent Shopping Trip by the5kfashionista featuring slim fit pants

H M top, £3.99, H M top, £3.99, Banana Republic slim fit pants, $90

My trip ended up consisting of mostly basics. I have been searching for a nice ankle length cigarette pant for a while and this one from Banana Republic fit perfectly and came in a petite size. I also grabbed the tanks to act as layering pieces for the cold and they will look great on their own come the spring and summer. Not shown here I also picked up two pairs of running shorts from old navy and an orange pencil skirt from H&M that I can wear for work. I love the color of the H&M skirt and I think it will be great for color blocking.

I have the worst time finding shirts. I’m done buying pants and bottoms for a while, until I can get some decent tops for work and day to day wear.

I had a great weekend and not only had fun, but was able to get a lot of school work done.

Did anyone else find any good deals this weekend?


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