A Little Weekend P90X

27 Feb

I left work early Friday and made it into CT early. Matt picked me up from the bus station at 5 p.m. and it was great to have some extra time together this weekend.

This weekend involved some relaxing, which was nice. We made homemade pizza and rented two movies, Drive and Real Steel. Real Steel was so cute and I really enjoyed it. Matt described it as a robot version of Rocky. It was predictable, but just a fun film to watch.

Drive was on the total opposite end of the spectrum, it wasn’t a fun light hearted movie at all. The end of the movie was actually pretty gory, but in terms of directing and cinematic style it was beautifully filmed.


I completed a film minor with my bachelor’s degree so I love watching well made movies. In my classes we would analyze a range of movies. For one class we had to do a shot by shot analysis of a scene, literally dissecting every element on the screen. These classes gave me a very discerning eye and made me realize a good director has a reason for every camera movement, shadow, and piece of scenery on the screen. The whole time I was watching Drive I was amazed at how much you could interpret from the movie just by seeing what was on the screen. There isn’t much dialogue so I felt that the imagery was really important. Ryan Gosling does a great job as the film’s protagonist and the supporting cast also does a great job. Since I’ve been watching Mad Men I was excited to see Christina Hendricks, but she had a very small role. I would definitely recommend Drive, especially for any film buffs, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

Saturday night we did some late night bowling with some of Matt’s friends. I’m not much of a bowler, I’m not very good and I’ve had some carpal tunnel issues (I wear a brace on my wrist at night for it) so I can’t play for long, but this was a lot of fun. It was nice to go with a group of people and the bowling alley had a great atmosphere. They turned down the lights and had blacklights and neon lights around the lanes. They also had a DJ playing music and had music videos playing on screens above the lanes.

Lately on the weekends Matt and I haven’t really done much exercising, but Sunday morning I asked him if he wanted to. We ended up doing one of his P90x videos for chest and back. The video included a lot of pushup, pullups (assisted for me), and some dumbbell work. After the workout there was a bonus ab exercise which was short but tough and effective. My arms shoulders, arms and abs are pretty sore today.


Matt has the whole P90x series. The other discs I’ve done with him are the plyometrics and yoga workouts and every one I’ve tried has been super tough. I’m always sore after and feel like I’ve gotten in a great workout. It seems like a lot of the discs are interval based with high intensity reps. It’s definitely my kind of exercise routine. I know the set of discs is recommended to be done as a program. I’ve never completed the program, but when I first met Matt he had just finished the series. He recommends it and tells me all the time that it got him into amazing shape. When Matt and I end up living closer together I will definitely be adding these DVDs into my routine more often.

The rest of my Sunday evening was spent on school work when I made it back to Boston. I stayed up late last night finishing up some assignments. I keep reminding myself that it’s almost over, but the end of the semester and my graduate career cannot come soon enough.

This morning, through my soreness, I did this 10 minute workout from Zuzana Light. Now, on top of my arms being tight, I’m sure my legs will be sore tomorrow too.

Has anyone else tried P90x or another long-term training program? What are your thoughts?


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