Treadmilling with No Ipod

29 Feb

Happy Leap Day! I received a barrage of emails from retailers the morning with Leap Day sales, really!? I didn’t know this was a retailing holiday. There are some good sales out there if you are looking for them, but I’ll be spending my extra day getting in a good workout and doing school stuff after I get out of work.

Yesterday, was not a good workout day. I went to the gym last night super excited with a goal of just running for 50 minutes straight. No distance goal, but just trying to go for endurance. However, I got changed into my workout gear and took my iPod nano out of my gym bag to only find out it wasn’t turning on. First, I was freaking out hoping there wasn’t something wrong with it, then I realized there was no way I could run on a treadmill without music. I’ve run plenty of times outdoors without music and I enjoy that because you have a change of scenery, but the treadmill is a whole different story.

Without music I had a whole lot of "me time" on my run.


I changed my running goal to complete 3.1 miles, even this was rough. Here are some techniques I used to keep it interesting.

1. Use varying speeds

Going at just one speed can get monotonous. Switching it up with different speeds or even inclines is a great way to keep the treadmill interesting.

2. Don’t watch the clock

Even when I have music I try to avoid looking at the clock or time on the treadmill. I tend to cover my treadmill with a towel so I don’t fixate on my time.

3. Focus on something

Luckily my gym has TVs. I tend to watch them even when I have music, but I made sure I tried to get in front of one with an interesting channel. I tend to avoid the TV that has the food network, instead I look to see if a sitcom is on or just watch the news. When I don’t have a TV I do some people watching, which is always interesting at the gym. I count other peoples reps or slyly make note of the exercises they are doing to learn some new routines.

I ended up finishing the 5k in 24:10, which I thought was impressive considering I was music-less and lacking some motivation. I was also a little uspet because I use my iPod nano to track my runs with the attached Nike+ software, so I wasn’t able to do that and I’m very close to reaching my next level. For any other Nike+ users, I’m currently at green with just over 500 miles and on my way to blue!

When I got home I found out my iPod was ok! I plugged it in and it turned on. I’m thinking I must have left it playing accidentally and the battery died. I made sure I plugged it in last night before bed so I would have a full battery for my run tonight. I’m going to do the workout I had planned on for yesterday and run for a steady 50 minutes, I have my music so I have no excuses.

Do you run with music? Does it help keep you motivated?


2 Responses to “Treadmilling with No Ipod”

  1. Danielle Colombo February 29, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

    Running with music is definitely what keeps me going! Without it, I feel less motivated and give up way earlier than I should!

  2. SweetP February 29, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    I run outside most of the time. Only in the summer at the cottage is that not possible, so that is when I depend on my ipod. It does help to make the time go by faster. I’m thinking though that I may need it for run of 7M or longer. You can only get so much enjoyment from trees etc for so long.

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