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No Diet on Thanksgiving!

23 Nov

I’ve read a lot lately about ways to cook healthy Thanksgiving alternatives, eating smaller portions or cutting back calories and working out harder before you sit down for your turkey day dinner. I will say this right now, I don’t believe in dieting on Thanksgiving!


I live an active and healthy lifestyle year round. Thanksgiving is one of the times of the year that I do like to indulge. I’ll eat a little more than usual, drink wine and have some extra dessert and I think this is absolutely OK. A lot of people that are worrying about calories on Thanksgiving, probably shouldn’t be.

I have a belief that life is all about balance and you shouldn’t deprive yourself. That’s why during a regular week if I want something sweet I will buy some chocolate or whatever else I’m in the mood for. If you deprive your body of something, you will only want it that much more. I also don’t think over-indulgence is a good thing either. I don’t buy large portions of sweets or snacks because I know there is a very good possibility that I will eat a sleeve of Oreos or way more Twinkies than I intended.

I definitely won’t be concerned about the amount of calories I take in tomorrow. I realize everyone is different, but no one should feel bad for taking a day off and just enjoying yourself. If you decide not to exercise, enjoy sleeping in. If you want another piece of pumpkin pie or another serving of stuffing, go for it!

I’m running a small road race tomorrow for fun, but after I’m going to enjoy the time with my family and all the good food.

What are your thoughts on Thanksgiving dieting?