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Spring Dresses for the Office

19 Mar

I’m loving this weather! This weekend was in the 50s and 60s and today it’s in the 70s, this is crazy.

This weekend Matt and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. It was nice and low key, which was amazing. We went to the movies to see 21 Jump Street, which I thought was hilarious.

Still from 21 Jump Street.


Matt liked it too, he described it as trippy. There are parts of it that were a little weird, but it’s probably one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have great comedic chemistry and they seem like they are actually best friends. You get the impression that they had a great time filming this movie together.

Saturday night we roasted a chicken for our anniversary dinner. It was my first time throwing a whole chicken in the oven, but it turned out great. Matt made some delicious garlic mashed potatoes.

When Matt left yesterday I went for a nice long run. The weather was perfect. I was able to wear shorts and a tank top and it wasn’t too hot out. I ran for about 7.5 miles and it felt really good.

All this warm weather got me thinking about all of the spring wardrobe possibilities.

Office Wardrobe Inspiration

Spring Dresses for the Office

Spring Dresses for the Office by the5kfashionista featuring cross earrings

Mango dress, £45, H m dress, £25, Lace cardigan, $80, Topshop boyfriend blazer, $70, Topshop vintage high heels, $100, Calvin Klein low heels, $88, FOSSIL leather flat, $78, Zara shop handbag, $80, Oasis top handle handbag, $70, Dorothy Perkins brown shoulder bag, $59 Kate Spade post earrings, $58, Jones New York cuff bracelet, $50, Gorjana stud earrings, $25, 1928 cross earrings, $18, Forever 21 chain necklace, $13, Dorothy Perkins tall dress, $59

Outfit #1

The first outfit would be great for for a formal office setting where a jacket is required. Without the jacket this is also a great office look. I love this shift dress and the blocks of color on the sides and the slight peplum at the hips. Playing off the blue a great bib necklace and earrings add some added interest to this outfit.

Outfit #2

This outfit would be great for a business casual work environment. I’m a fan of dresses that combine a top and bottom in a way that doesn’t look cheesy. The belt does a great job of cinching the waistline and providing that hourglass shape. The colors are fun and bright, which makes this great for spring. This is paired with some simple gold jewelry and black kitten heels and handbag.

Outfit #3

This outfit would be good for a casual Friday. The print is fun and the bursts of color in the flats and handbag play off the great pattern on the dress. A light cardigan is great for a cold office, or the dress can be worn alone. The earrings are subtle and also play off the pinks and peaches in the dress.

What piece of your wardrobe are you excited to bring back into rotation with the warmer weather?

I have a pair of white trousers that I wear to work in the Spring and Summer. They will be coming out of hibernation very soon.


Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

10 Feb

I think I may have found the half marathon I’m going to run this year. It’s at the end of June, so I would need to start training around April. I’m a little undecided, but I will keep you all posted when/ if I sign-up!

I started out the morning with a new DVD ab workout I picked up about a month ago. It’s taken me a while to get through it since there are multiple routines, but I’m going to write up a quick review for next week.

This weekend Matt and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day since we won’t see each other on Tuesday. We are going to go for a couple’s massage. The place we are going to offers chocolate and champagne as part of it. I’m really excited to spend time with him and also for the massage. School and work have been a little stressful so it will be nice to unwind with the person I love.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner here are some outfit ideas for an evening and day date. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day Evening Date

Valentine’s Day Evening Date by the5kfashionista featuring slimming dresses

Mango slimming dress, £45, Steve Madden leather pumps, $80, MICHAEL Michael Kors clutch handbag, $80, Sequin gold plated jewelry, $58, French Connection twist jewelry, £10

I saw this dress and instantly fell in love with the color. If you walk into the room with this gorgeous dress on you will instantly be the center of attention. The slight draping in the front and belt around the waist make this dress sexy and timeless. To let the dress take center stage I paired this outfit with neutral accessories. Nude pumps will make your legs appear super long, the hints of gold in the jewelry and bag help to bring everything together. This is a great combination for dinner and dancing.

Valentine's Day Day Date

Valentine’s Day Day Date by the5kfashionista featuring hematite earrings

Oasis sleeveless ruffle blouse, £30, Cropped jacket, $120, Del Forte bootcut jeans, £54, Chinese Laundry peep toe platform pumps, $69, BCBGeneration quilted clutch, $68, Vince Camuto hematite earrings, $32

I’m a sucker for a great blazer and this white is crisp and I love the flowiness in the front, versus a regular structured jacket. A great dark wide leg jean will make your legs appear long. The jeans paired with a cute tucked in red blouse adds a bit of class and subtle sexiness. The peep toe pumps are gorgeous and pair easily with the neutral clutch. This outfit would be great for lunch and a movie.

Definitely don’t be afraid of adding some color this Valentine’s day. It’s fun and playful for any plans.

Are you doing anything special for Valentine’s Day?

This year and last year are the only times I’ve had a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, in the past I’ve normally hung out with girlfriends and had wine and watched chick flicks, it was always a great time.

Have a great weekend!

Super Bowl Champs! Plus A Glimpse of Warm Weather

6 Feb

First and foremost, the Giants are the Super Bowl Champions!!


It was a nerve wracking game, but I loved every minute of it. No matter who you were rooting for, this was a great game. Of course I’m happy that my favorite team one :)

I started a lifting routine last week and I am so incredibly sore.  I guess I really am using muscles that I don’t normally engage with my runs or my morning body weight training routines. It’s a good feeling and I’m definitely going to keep this up.

Speaking of running, I bought new running sneakers this weekend. It’s been about a year and 500 miles since my last pair and it was definitely time for an upgrade. My knees and feet were starting to bother me and I think it was from overuse.

I went to City Sports after doing a lot of research on different shoes. I wanted to be sure I was buying a good shoe for my foot type and running style. I ended up buying the Nike LunarEclipse + 2. It’s a stability shoe, but also has a nice cushy feel. I tried them out on the treadmill yesterday and loved them.

I have the Nike + kit for my Ipod so I’m able to track my runs very easily with the + shoes. I did hear that if you have the chip for the shoes that you can buy a separate running pouch so you don’t need to buy Nike shoes. I did try on a few other brands, but these were by far my favorite.

A Glimpse of Warm Weather

Last week there were a few days of unseasonably warm weather, one day it was up almost to 60. I also got my first major swim issue of the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

All of this had me dreaming of warmer weather, beaches and bathing suits. Here are a few trends I’ve noticed for swim suits this year:

Swim Trends 2012

Swim Trends 2012 by the5kfashionista featuring bikini bathing suits

L Space bikini swimwear, $134, Bikini swimwear, $50, Bikini bathing suit, $46, Violet Lake bandeau swimwear, $85, Violet Lake bikini bathing suit, $85, Sequin bathing suit, £10, H m swimwear, £9.99, H M bikini bathing suit, £7.99

Many of the swim trends are mimicking what we are seeing in day to day style. Last year color blocking and playing with bright colors was big and that is evident in many of the swimsuits this year. Animal prints are also staying in style but taking on new colors with everything from zebra, leopard to snake skin patterns. Large pieces of hardware are also making a big statement, adding a little bit of swim jewelry to bikinis and one-pieces. This may not be the most swim friendly option, but would look great while sun bathing.

Bathing suits are also taking on a bit of femininity with ruffles and fringe. There are also a variety of swimsuits in soft pastel colors. The last trend that is holding strong is sparkle. Swimsuits will be glittering with sequins and other types of sparkle, again this is a good option if you plan on just laying on the beach.

For those of you headed on vacation or getting ready for spring break, these are some great options for pool side attire.

This winter has really flown by and didn’t seem like winter at all. There wasn’t much snow and it was a lot warmer than usual. Although I really enjoy the winter, with the crisp air and fun winter activities, the days are getting longer and I’m anxious for the first signs of spring. The official start is just about a month away.

What’s your favorite part of the start of spring?

I love that the days are getting longer and we are slowly getting more sunlight. It also means I can start going for runs after work again!

Feeling Pretty Sick

18 Jan

I’ve been feeling really congested and achy since Saturday and I went out Sunday night with one of my roommates and her friends, which was probably a bad idea. I had a couple of drinks which I’m sure did not help my body recover.

Since I’ve been under the weather, fashion and working out have been the last things on my mind. This has been my wardrobe since this weekend:

Sick Day

NIKE velour hoodie, $40, Long sleeve tee, $13, Waffle Knit Blanket, £49, Abercrombie Fitch yoga activewear, $24, H&M slipper shoes, £7.99

I’ve been wearing yoga pants, sweats, my fuzzy slippers and I’ve been wrapped up in blankets.

I called out of work yesterday and mostly relaxed. I did try to get in some quick cardio/ strength training in yesterday for about 12 minutes, but that was the extent of my  major activity. I’m not the best at resting I always feel like I need to be doing something, but I think I did a pretty good job of taking it easy yesterday. I cleaned my room, did some laundry and stayed in bed and read. Now I’m about half way through the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Even though I watched the movie, the book has so much more detail and I can’t put it down.

I made it into work today with the help of vitamin C, echinacea tea, sudafed and a nasal spray. I was a foggy mess but I made it through. I brought my clothes for the gym and ended up running a couple of miles and I’m actually feeling a little better. Who knew the gym was a cure-all?

My first day of classes start tomorrow, so I’m hoping I’m feeling a lot better by then. I’m going to take it easy tonight and head to bed early. Being sick is awful.

Here’s hoping the rest of the week improves!

Do you workout when you don’t feel well or do you stick to getting rest?

Cold Weather Base Layers

6 Jan

This morning I did a quick 7 minute workout. After work I decided to do an interval treadmill workout for about 3.1 miles. I ran two other times this week and did longer 5 mile runs to keep up my endurance, but today I just wanted to get in a quick and tough interval workout. This is the workout I did.

I basically just went back and forth between the two paces and did each speed for 2 minutes until I hit 3.1 miles. I ended up dropping the incline to 0% about half way through. It was tough and I was pretty sweaty after, but I’m glad I pushed my self. I was able to complete this in about 24:40.

I saw this image yesterday on FitSugar’s Facebook page and thought it was funny and so true.

Whenever I’m on the treadmill I try to either outrun the person next to me in time or go faster than them. I think it’s a good bit of internal motivation.

After the run I ran through some of my usual ab exercises. I also have a new favorite ab exercise using a stability workout ball.

Step 1

Step 2


Directions for this exercise and some other stability ball ab exercises can be found on Good House Keeping. These exercises are killer and after just a few my abs are burning. I do a variation where I tuck in on the side working the obliques as well.

Cold Weather Base Layers

Anyone that runs or exercises outdoors in the winter know the importance of a quality, warm, moisture-wicking base-layer. A base layer will help to keep sweat away from your body, which wards off any extra chill.

I’ve been searching for more base-layers that I can use with my day to day clothes. My parents bought me these silk long johns from L.L. Bean last Christmas and they have been my saving grace on my cold walks to work. When I think of long johns I always think of the bulky uncomfortable things my grandmother used to buy me and my brother Christian when we were in elementary school. Now however, there are a bunch of companies that make cold weather base layers that are thin, neutral, and comfortable, like my L.L. Beans.

I actually purchased a new pair yesterday with a gift card I got from Christmas for J.C. Penny. The brand is called Cuddl Duds and I was able to buy a long sleeve top and bottom on sale for $34 (plus shipping) which is half the regular price.

Similar to the pair I bought


I was also considering using some sports base layers for day to day use. Some perks for the sport base-layers are many are focused on compression, so you won’t get the bulk underneath your clothes. A number of sporting company’s provide these types of base layers like Hot Chili’s and Under Armour.

Yes my blog is focused on fashion, but I’m all about comfort. I think it’s very possible to be warm and fashionable. What I like about base layers is that they generally come in pretty neutral colors. It’s very easy to slip them on underneath a sweater for some added warmth without them being noticed. I also prefer those with moisture wicking properties. There’s nothing worse than walking around and working up a little bit of a sweat just to have the cold cotton clinging against your body. Just thinking about it gives me the chills.

Prior to city living I never really considered layering for the winter the way I do now. I rely heavily on public transportation or walking so I’m constantly outdoors for extended periods of time. I’m glad that there are now non-bulky and neutral options to stay warm so I’m not walking around like the kid in the Christmas Story.


What steps do you take to stay warm in the winter?

Holidays and New Year’s Resolutions

3 Jan

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus after being home for the holidays, but I am officially back!

This past week and a half has really been amazing. I was able to stay at my parent’s house. I love sleeping in my old bed, hanging out with my family and seeing my dog.

My dog Sammy hopped in bed with me the first night I was home

Most of the Christmas cookies were already made when I got home so Matt and I made a batch of Gingerbread Men on our own and they came out really good despite the fact that I accidentally spilled more flour in them than the recipe required.

I also got to make delicious tamales with my family.

All the fixings for our tamales

This is one of my favorite holiday traditions my mom brought with her from Costa Rica. Making tamales is a lot of work. Unfortunately my mom burned her hand on the stove Christmas night so I ended up doing a lot of the tamale preparation for the first time. I cooked the pork and kneaded the masa together. My brother Christian was also home from his college in California, so we worked together to make the tamales.

I was also able to see some of my best friends from college.

Girl's night at Sara's house

We got together at my friend Sara’s house and she put together a nice spread of appetizers and we brought some wine. It was great to see everyone. Since I’ve been in school in Boston it’s been a lot harder to see my friends so I love when we are able to get together. We all caught up and talked about all the new things going on in our lives. It’s also great to hear that my friends are all doing so well for themselves. I’m really proud of all of them.

Friday night Matt’s parents put together a masquerade party.

Me and Matt all dressed up for the masquerade

It was fun to dress up and wear masks for the night. That dress should look familiar, I liked it so much after featuring it in my post that I bought it. It was my first masquerade party and it was nice to see that so many people dressed up.

For New Year’s Eve I went out with Matt and some of his friends.

Some of the group outside on New Year's Eve

All the ladies on New Year's Eve

Last year we stayed in for New Year’s Eve so it was nice to get out and celebrate with friends.

I also got in five runs outdoors, it was nice to be able to still stay active with all the festivities. Today I was back to my regular eating and exercise schedule, which was nice. I got in a 4.5 mile run on the treadmill at a steady pace and it felt good.


After that whirlwind of a holiday, I’m back in Boston and back to work. Since I’ve been able to settle down I started really thinking of some resolutions and goals I want to set for myself for 2012.

1. Continue to be assertive in all aspects of my life

In 2011 I really started to speak out more at work in regards to my ideas and issues I have noticed. People always see me as the nice guy, which I’m ok with, but sometimes people take that as weakness. I’ve had to become more assertive so people don’t try to walk all over me. I think assertiveness is necessary to not only create boundaries, but to also get your thoughts and feelings out. I want to be assertive not just at work, but with all my personal interactions. This is something I’m constantly working on and is a a resolution I am renewing this year.

2. Save more money

I’m ok at saving, but I would like to get better at it. I want to be more aware of my spending habits, so I can enjoy the things I really love and cut out the frivolous things. I’m also realizing that I’m getting older and there are things that I will start to want/ need in the not-so-distant future, like a car and a home, so I have decided to put more money into savings this year.

3. Running one road race a month

Come this spring I would like to run about one road race a month. I know this won’t always be possible, but this is something I do really enjoy so I would like to be able to take part in more road races this year. I’m also considering some longer races. I still don’t see a marathon in the cards for me, but instead of completely ignoring the idea of possibly doing a half marathon I might actually consider doing one this year… we’ll see.

These are my resolutions for the new year, what are yours?

Holiday Party Outfits – What to Wear on a Night Out

9 Dec

This morning I skipped my usual high intensity workout and opted to do a 20 minute pilates DVD that I totally forgot I had. I think it was my moms but I somehow got a hold of it. It’s called Winsor Pilates and it’s pretty low impact but great for toning.

This weekend I’ll be celebrating Matt’s birthday with him. Tomorrow night we’re going to go out for some drinks with his friends. I’m excited to finally give him his birthday gifts!

What to Wear on a Night Out

This is the second and final part of my Holiday Outfit series. This post will focus on what to wear on a night out with friends and loved ones. Whether that’s a casual night in, a bar or other event where you want to get a little more dressed up, or going all out and classy for New Years or Christmas, I have outfit ideas for you.

Dress Up the Bar Night

By the5kfashionista

Oasis pink top, $17, H M tux jacket, £35, TopShop wet look pants, $44, City Streets platform shoes, $25, H M clutch hand bag, £15, FOSSIL cocktail jewelry, $36, Spike jewelry, $24

Going out with friends for New Years or just going to a bar to catch up? This outfit is a great mix of girly, punk, and refined. First, let’s start with the wet look pants. They have a leather-like look that brings this outfit up a couple of notches. The pants paired with the pumps just scream fierce, while the frilly top add some femininity to this outfit. The menswear inspired tux jacket adds a bit of refinement and also pulls this outfit all together. I went with a simple clutch, but the jewelry is a great accent. The spiked gold hoop and studded ring keep with the edgy theme of this outfit.

I personally love mixing very different elements and this outfit is a great example of that. This would be great outfit to wear to a bar or another evening holiday event where you may not want to get totally dressed up.

Holidays at Home

By the5kfashionista

J Crew scoop neck sweater, $120, Mango straight leg pants, £40, Born leather flat, $70, Oasis camel handbag, $70, Green jewelry, $25, Mimco yellow gold bangle bracelet, £35

Some holidays are simply just spent at home, with family gatherings, small events with friends, or just enjoying Christmas dinner with those closest to you. This outfit is pretty effortless, comfy and still chic. The sweater can be worn slouched over one shoulder. The black trousers make the outfit look a little more polished than just wearing jeans. The flats are cute, but comfy. Who wants to walk around in heels all the time? The earrings and bangles are simple accessories that help to dress this up. The bag is basic and easy to carry or just leave in the coat room.

Christmas Party Glam

By the5kfashionista

Oasis gold dress, $60, Michael antonio shoes, $69, MICHAEL Michael Kors metallic handbag, $100, Jessica Simpson snowflake jewelry, $48, Kenneth Jay Lane yellow gold drop earrings, $45, Leather sash belt, $75

Everything about this outfit screams glamor. From the gold sequined dress to the gorgeous plum pumps. The sash on the dress wasn’t doing anything for me so I would exchange that with the leather sash belt, which also follows with the rest of the color pallet. The gold drop earrings and large cuff bracelet are great accents to this already beautiful dress. The clutch is also simple and plays off the gold accents.

This would be a great outfit for a more formal Christmas party with family and friends. I would totally drink some eggnog by the fireplace in this.

Fun New Years Outfit

By the5kfashionista

Evening party dress, $230, DV by Dolce Vita heel pumps, $74, Dorothy Perkins navy blue handbag, $39, Blu Bijoux black and gold jewelry, $36, Juicy Couture navy blue earrings, $48

New Years is a time to go big or go home and this dress is definitely a show stopper. It doesn’t need much accessorizing, but the small touches add to the glamor. Plain black pumps would do but the bows add that extra little something. I like how the blue accents look against the gold. The studs are simple and the clutch adds just a little extra sparkle. The bracelet is interesting without taking away from the dress. Sometimes you find a piece that just needs to stand alone and this dress deserves all the attention. I would love to party my way into 2012 wearing this!

What’s your favorite look?

This is a tough one, but I think my favorite is the New Years dress. You just don’t get to wear a dress like that very often and it just looks like you would have a great time in it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Holiday Party Outifts – What to Wear to Work Gatherings

8 Dec

I did a short 3 mile run on Monday at an easy pace. My legs are killing me now from a BodyRockTV exercise challenge I did on Tuesday. I also did a tough workout yesterday morning, so before work today I decided to just get in some yoga and stretching to loosen up.

Today I got in a longer run at the gym. I decided to do a steady 5 miles, but it was pretty rough. First, I was ridiculously sore and then half way through I had to take a bathroom break.  Running to the bathroom totally threw me off, but what can you do. This weekend I will definitely be taking it easy to allow my body some time to recover with some rest, a lot of stretching and very easy cardio, if I decide to do any.

Due to a change in plans I will end up in Boston next weekend. I was originally going to visit a friend, but one of my exam periods is scheduled for Friday evening so it would have been a lot of traveling in a short weekend. Seriously, why would my school schedule an exam on a Friday?  Now I’m a little conflicted because there’s a Jingle Bell Run that I’m now free to possibly run. It’s next Sunday, but I’m still a little undecided. The weather seems decent enough for a run, granted it’s a little chilly, but it’s a $38 registration. I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

What to Wear to Work Gatherings

As promised I thought it would be a good idea to put together some holiday party outfit ideas, and this will be a 2 part series. Part two will focus on more fun night out outfits. Picking outfits for work gatherings can be tough because it’s important to look professional, but you also want to get into the holiday spirit.

Casual Work Holiday Party

Oasis boatneck top, $95, Minuet Petite cigarette pants, £38, Ted baker shoes, $90, Mango shoulder bag, £55, BCBG Max Azria white pearl jewelry, $78, Blu Bijoux white jewelry, $18

I liked this for a casual work party. The lightly sequined sweater is festive and cute. It could also be worn with collared shirt underneath for a little bit of layering. I love these deep purple ankle pants. Bold colored pants are in this season and these achieve that look in a subtle way. Kitten heel pumps are great for comfort in an office setting and the slight accent on the heel of these shoes make them interesting. The accessories help bring this all together with the small drop earrings and layered pearl bracelet. I personally like having a large bag for the office to carry all my stuff for the day.

This is an outfit that can transition from day to night. It could be used for a party during work or to head out for drinks and happy hour right after.

Evening Work Holiday Party

Dorothy Perkins purple evening dress, $69, H M knit cardigan, £30, Armani Exchange seamed nylon stocking, $15, Platform pumps, $50, La Regale metallic clutch, $58, Natasha Couture metal jewelry, $38, Vince Camuto silver jewelry, $48, Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian pave earrings, $39

I’ve personally never had one, but many offices have formal holiday parties. I’m a little jealous because I love any reason to put on a cocktail or evening dress. For a work event it’s still important to stay professional, nothing too short, too tight or too skimpy. This dress is a nice medium, the one shoulder only shows a little skin and the detailing is gorgeous. I would recommend dark colored nylons or tights to avoid showing too much leg. The sequined cardigan will be good to have if the event is chilly, a nice shawl would also do the trick. The metallic clutch, drop earrings, ring and bracelet also add some appeal and slight drama to this outfit. An evening event is also a good time to bring out the pumps.

Is anyone else doing a Jingle Bell run?

I’ve never done one and thought it might be fun. If I do it, I am definitely running in a santa hat.

Does anyone have a work holiday party they are attending?

I have one next Friday during work, we do a yankee swap and have small snacks and chat. It’s a nice change from the usual workday and it’s nice to catch up with people from the office that I don’t see regularly.

Outfits for a Day or Evening Date

3 Dec

Any day I get to dress up is a good day, so the days Matt and I decide to go on a date are some of my favorites. We are spending time together doing something fun and I get to find something cute to wear. I have two categories for dates. They fall into either daytime or evening.

Day Time Date

Coffee and a Movie Date

TopShop metallic top, $68, H&M denim skinny jeans, £20, ALDO above the knee boots, $56, Oasis tote hand bag, $70, Gold tone jewelry, $23, Yellow gold jewelry, $20, Michael Kors studded jewelry, $45, Forever21 zebra scarve, $17

For the daytime, I love dressing up sweaters when it is colder out. A slouchy comfy sweater can look dressed up by simply adding skinny jeans and boots. Since this is a date, a heel on the boot dresses this outfit up. The scarf is feminine but subtle. The jewelry in this outfit will definitely make a statement. I love the chain bracelet, multi-colored ring and the gem stud earrings. The girly accessories can make any boyish or slouchy sweater sexy in an understated way.

I would absolutely wear something like this to a movie (the comfy sweater is a great way to stay warm), lunch or just out to get coffee.

Evening Date

Evening Date

Dorothy Perkins long dress, £18, Dorothy Perkins nylon pantyhose, £6, Vince camuto boots, $93, Clutch bag, $35, Kate Spade long earrings, $68

I don’t wear dresses that often so anytime I get to bring one out makes the day a little more special in my eyes. I love the sheer long sleeves on this dress and the accents at the wrists. This is also a great dress because it’s fitted and will show off some leg. This outfit only needs subtle accessories with black ankle boots, seamed back pantyhose, a bad ass little clutch and great drop gem earrings. This would be great for a fancy dinner out or even to go out dancing.

Now I’m kind of in the mood to get dressed up. I think I will hold off this weekend, but get prepared I will be doing a post on holiday party outfits since it’s about that time of year. I would love to know that type of holiday parties you are going to and I can add those looks to my next post.

What type of holiday parties are you going to?

As of right now I will be going to a holiday masquerade (fancy) and possibly getting all done up for New Years.

Jackets Galore

17 Nov

One week until Thanksgiving and I couldn’t be more excited to see my family and enjoy a little break from work and school. That means there is also just one week until my 5k Turkey Trot. My last race was a 10k and it was pretty rough. I’m going into this race just for fun. Of course I want to do well, but I’m not going to worry about getting a personal best this time. Instead I just want to end the race knowing I did my best and feeling good afterward.

I started out the morning with an intense workout called “The Trainer Who Loved Me” it took me just under 30 minutes and I was feeling the burn throughout. I also liked this workout because you don’t need any equipment, it’s all just body weight training.

I went to this presentation at my school after work so I ended up going to the gym later than usual. Since I got in such an intense workout this morning I decided to just do a speed trial for the 5k on the treadmill. I got through the 3.13 miles in 25:04. I may try to get in one more longer distance workout and some light intervals before my race on Thursday.

 Jackets Galore

Fall finally feels like it is actually here and that means it’s time to pullout those fall and winter jackets, if you haven’t done so already. I have a pretty large selection of jackets that range from formal to sporty. My collection includes leather, wool and waterproof and vary in sizes. Jackets can make a statement while being out in the colder temps, especially since no one can see your cute outfit underneath all those layers. Also, a versatile jacket can last for years so it’s worth investing in good quality pieces.

Jackets GaloreCalvin Klein long coat, $148, Victoria s Secret double breasted pea coat, $128, Oasis leather jacket, $150, TNA jacket

The Cape

Capes are on trend this season. They create an interesting silhouette and will definitely make a statement. A cape would look great with skinny or slim pants or a dress. Check out my Gossip Girl Inspired Fashion Post to see a great example of a cape being worn.

Pea Coats

Pea coats are a classic wardrobe staple. It’s a great idea to have one in a neutral color like black or camel and you can use this item for years. If you want to make a statement go for a bright color or interesting pattern.

Pink Pea Coat

This is an old picture from college, but this is one of my favorite pea coats


Bomber jackets are great for a casual day. They look great with jeans and definitely add a coolness factor to any outfit.

Faux Fur

The jacket I listed here looks nice and warm and would also be great for a casual day. Faux fur is also being used in an bunch of different types of jackets including pea coats. Fur is a big trend this season, so why not be good to the environment and be in style with the faux version. Not to mention faux fur is a whole lot cheaper.

What’s your favorite type of fall or winter jacket?

I’m partial to pea coats, I have four different types in my closet right now.