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Super Bowl Champs! Plus A Glimpse of Warm Weather

6 Feb

First and foremost, the Giants are the Super Bowl Champions!!


It was a nerve wracking game, but I loved every minute of it. No matter who you were rooting for, this was a great game. Of course I’m happy that my favorite team one :)

I started a lifting routine last week and I am so incredibly sore.  I guess I really am using muscles that I don’t normally engage with my runs or my morning body weight training routines. It’s a good feeling and I’m definitely going to keep this up.

Speaking of running, I bought new running sneakers this weekend. It’s been about a year and 500 miles since my last pair and it was definitely time for an upgrade. My knees and feet were starting to bother me and I think it was from overuse.

I went to City Sports after doing a lot of research on different shoes. I wanted to be sure I was buying a good shoe for my foot type and running style. I ended up buying the Nike LunarEclipse + 2. It’s a stability shoe, but also has a nice cushy feel. I tried them out on the treadmill yesterday and loved them.

I have the Nike + kit for my Ipod so I’m able to track my runs very easily with the + shoes. I did hear that if you have the chip for the shoes that you can buy a separate running pouch so you don’t need to buy Nike shoes. I did try on a few other brands, but these were by far my favorite.

A Glimpse of Warm Weather

Last week there were a few days of unseasonably warm weather, one day it was up almost to 60. I also got my first major swim issue of the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

All of this had me dreaming of warmer weather, beaches and bathing suits. Here are a few trends I’ve noticed for swim suits this year:

Swim Trends 2012

Swim Trends 2012 by the5kfashionista featuring bikini bathing suits

L Space bikini swimwear, $134, Bikini swimwear, $50, Bikini bathing suit, $46, Violet Lake bandeau swimwear, $85, Violet Lake bikini bathing suit, $85, Sequin bathing suit, £10, H m swimwear, £9.99, H M bikini bathing suit, £7.99

Many of the swim trends are mimicking what we are seeing in day to day style. Last year color blocking and playing with bright colors was big and that is evident in many of the swimsuits this year. Animal prints are also staying in style but taking on new colors with everything from zebra, leopard to snake skin patterns. Large pieces of hardware are also making a big statement, adding a little bit of swim jewelry to bikinis and one-pieces. This may not be the most swim friendly option, but would look great while sun bathing.

Bathing suits are also taking on a bit of femininity with ruffles and fringe. There are also a variety of swimsuits in soft pastel colors. The last trend that is holding strong is sparkle. Swimsuits will be glittering with sequins and other types of sparkle, again this is a good option if you plan on just laying on the beach.

For those of you headed on vacation or getting ready for spring break, these are some great options for pool side attire.

This winter has really flown by and didn’t seem like winter at all. There wasn’t much snow and it was a lot warmer than usual. Although I really enjoy the winter, with the crisp air and fun winter activities, the days are getting longer and I’m anxious for the first signs of spring. The official start is just about a month away.

What’s your favorite part of the start of spring?

I love that the days are getting longer and we are slowly getting more sunlight. It also means I can start going for runs after work again!


What to Wear to a Football Game

14 Oct

I’m headed to a college football game this weekend with my dad to see my alma mater! I’m very excited and I’m hoping for a win since it’s the homecoming game. Football season is the epitome of fall and I can’t wait to cheer my team on from the bleachers with a hot cocoa or cider in hand.

In preparation for the game I started thinking about what to wear. I will be wearing my school colors, but I started thinking of other ways to look chic when you are on the sidelines.

J Crew long sleeve shirt, $80, Miss Selfridge blue shirt, 29, James Jeans bootcut jeans, $56, Sperry boat shoes, $47, Red handbag, $60, House of Harlow 1960 drop earrings, $44, Watch, $40, TopShop knit scarve, $32, MNG by Mango aviator sunglasses, $32

I made this set as a great alternative to the typical school sweater and jeans combo. I like the idea of layering in your school colors (I’d be rockin’ blue and white) with a sweater and plaid collared shirt. The scarf will help to add some warmth and the sunglasses will be necessary during a day game. I own a pair of Sperry Top Siders and they are very comfy and great for walking around in. I think the accessories make this outfit. The drop earrings, bright colored handbag and the wrap around watch all add a little color and sophistication.

What do you think? Could you see yourself wearing something like this to a sporting event?

What’s your favorite piece?

I could definitely see myself wearing something similar. My favorite piece is the watch.