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Done With School! Half Marathon Training Wks 3 & 4

26 Apr

I have major news. I had my final presentation on Monday and I am basically done with school! I need to show up for class next week to watch a presentation, but then I graduate on May 14. I’m so excited to finally be done and be just weeks away from having my master’s degree in marketing in my hands. All the hard work, long nights, lack of sleep and social life all paid off and now I can sit back, relax and enjoy.

Due to the fact that the end of the semester was super busy I got behind on posting my training schedule. So I’ve listed what I’ve been up to for weeks three and four of my Nike half marathon training program.

First I need to note that I’ve been experiencing a lot of problems with my foot and I think my sneakers have been causing all this discomfort.

I bought the Nike Lunareclipse +2 running sneakers in the beginning of February and around that time I’ve been experiencing some major issues. Tendinitis flareups and ankle and joint pain. My last pair of running shoes were also Nike’s and I loved them after I wore them in. These shoes felt great the first two weeks, but I started to notice more problems. I’m thinking this shoe just wasn’t meant for my foot.

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow and will hopefully be referred to a specialist, but the Lunareclipse’s have been retired until further notice. I’ll be going back to one of my old pairs until this gets figured out. I’m going to bring them to the appointment and see if the doctor thinks they are causing the issues. I really hope not since they were a bit of an investment on my part. I’m really hoping I didn’t drop $120 on a pair of running sneakers that could be causing injuries and I won’t be able to use. If that’s the case my running sneaker search will be starting again.

Well on to my training.

Week 3

I switched around the workouts in the beginning of the week to work around my schedule.


Tempo Run: 3 miles EASY

Ran this in 23:53.


Strength Train A


Track 5 x 400 Goal: Time Yourself. Beat Your Time with each 400 that you run.

My times:


Goal = success!


TR2: 3 mile Goal: Meet/ Beat Tuesday’s Run Time

I ran this in 24:13. I didn’t beat Tuesday’s time because I think I took it out too fast earlier in the week.


Strength Train B


5 mile run- flat with some rolling hills

I was able to run my regular route which I haven’t done in almost a month, since I started this program. I ran this in just around 42 minutes and I felt like I was dragging.

Sunday – OFF

Week 4 (This Week)


Took the day off since I had my final presentation and needed some rest. Here is the workout I should have done: Hill Repeats: Warm Up 10 min. flat. 10 x 20-30 sec hill repeat: 30 sec rest between each. Cool Down 10 minutes flat  Optional: Strength Train WO


Tempo Run: 2.5 miles EASY

This was a nice easy run. I’m surprised there are still so many short runs involved in this program. I think it’s to increase my quickness to get a PR for the 5k, but I’m getting nervous I won’t be ready once the distances start to increase. I ran this in just about 21 minutes.


Strength Train Workout A

These workouts are super tough. A lot of step ups and squats. My legs were dying after this one.


Tempo Run 2: 2 mile Goal: Meet/ Beat Tuesday’s Run Time

I just completed this workout and absolutely destroyed Tuesday’s time. I ran it in19:08.


Strength Train Workout B


4 mile run- flat, comfortable pace

Sunday – OFF

So that’s what I’ve done to date and what I’m scheduled to do for the rest of the week. I’m hoping my appointment tomorrow goes well and I can get in with the specialist right away to determine what’s going on with my foot.

I hope everyone’s having a great week. Anyone have any races coming up?