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3 Reasons to Wear Lipstick

26 Oct

My new found love of lipstick happened a little less than a year ago. I’ve always been more of a lip gloss and Chasptick girl. Lipstick was always reserved for special events like semi-formals and proms. Also, from watching my mom put it on for years I always thought it was too mature for me.

I’m not sure when the change happened, but I started to notice more people on the street and models in magazines rocking some great colors. I actually remember the day I decided to buy my first tubes. Matt and I were at a mall in Connecticut, I told him I wanted to learn how to put on lipstick and we headed to the MAC counter. I spoke to this great sales person and he asked me what I was looking for in terms of colors. I wanted something for the daytime and something to wear out.

He tried a bunch of colors on me, but I fell for “Creme in Your Coffee” and “Red Russian” a bright matte color. Both colors are moisturizing and last a long time.  I’m wearing Russian Red in my Weekend of the Sequels post. Also, from what I’ve read online both colors look great on a variety of skin tones.

My go-to Lipsticks

This is why I finally gave in and fell for lipstick:

1. It’s Actually Easy to Use

I’ve watched my mom put lipstick on millions of times, but the first time I did it myself I was nervous. Since buying lipstick was sort of spontaneous going to the MAC counter did help. They gave me a brief overview on how to use a lip liner and for my fuller lips to not bring the lipstick all the way to the edge of the lips. These little tips were very useful and I would definitely recommend going to a beauty counter if you have questions about applying in type of makeup. After I got over my initial fear I realized applying was super easy. It really is like coloring in between the lines.

2. Lipstick Doesn’t Have to Feel Too Mature

I always thought lipstick would make me look like I was trying to hard or trying to be too mature. It’s funny though because I am in a phase in my life where I don’t want to look like a college kid anymore. After using lipstick and seeing a bunch of great colors I’ve realized it can actually brighten up an outfit and depending on the look you’re going for it can be very playful. There are tubes with a little shimmer, bold and bright colors. I also think there is a wider range of lipstick colors than lip gloss. Yes, lipstick can make you look more put together, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in a fun way.

3.It Adds Instant Sex Appeal

When I do put on lipstick it’s a huge confidence boost. I think lipstick does add a bit of sex appeal or can give off a flirty vibe. Who doesn’t want a quick pick me up. I really like to wear it on a night out. I have started to wear some on my lips on the days that I’m not in the mood to go to work. It feels like putting your best foot forward and starting the day feeling fabulous always makes the day a little brighter.

I don’t wear lipstick all the time, but when I do it makes me feel a little more put together. I still carry around Vaseline as my regular moisturizing option, but I love to mix it up with a little color.

Do you use Lipstick? What colors do you love?