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Joys of Tapering

19 Jun

With just five days left until my half marathon I am in taper mode and it feels amazing. After all the longs runs and hard work, this week is the calm before the storm.

I think the importance of taking it easy before a race can be taken for granted. The weekend after the Spartan Race I ran the Litchfield Hills Road Race which is 7.1 miles long with a killer hill at the end. I ran it in 1:01:41, at a 8:41 pace per mile. This isn’t a bad time, but it’s slower than I ran it last year. My time last year was about 4 minutes faster at 57:54 and a 8:10 per mile. This years race was hotter so that could of had something to do with it, but I also just think my body was tired from training so hard early in the week and not taking it easy before the race.

This week the Nike Twitter training program really pulls back on the mileage.

Monday- I should have done a hill sprint workout which I passed on for strength training since I wasn’t in an area with a hill.

Tuesday (today) – Tempo Run 2 easy miles. I took this really easy with a 8:33 pace.

Wednesday – Strength training or Off – As of now I think I will be taking the day off.

Thursday – 2 mile endurance pace

Friday – Off

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Race Day! 13.1 mile

I’m super excited for Sunday, I will update on how the race went Monday!

What are some good pre-race meals?