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A Little Free Music To Spice Up Your Workout

9 Mar

You know what I love? Free Music!

I was browsing through Pinterest yesterday when I came across a spring playlist and found a bunch of awesome songs to workout to. They are from the Refinery29 web site and are all mixes from a DJ (hence why you don’t have to pay). So check them out. Just right click on the links and choose “save as.” Pretty easy. You can click on the links if you want to preview the songs before downloading them.


I ended up adding them to my running playlist yesterday. I haven’t bought much new music lately. The last song I purchased was Beyonce’s Countdown, which I loove, have on replay, and haven’t gotten sick of yet. So it was nice to add some new songs to my current list to mix it up. Some of the songs are great running songs, there are a couple I may end up taking off the list because they are a bit slower. The new music definitely made my run fun and different. Mixing up my playlists always gives me an extra burst of energy.

Yesterday I got in a run outdoors, the temperature was really nice, but it was super windy. There were a few times I thought it might be very possible that I could blow away. I know it’s ridiculous, but these are the random things I think about when I’m running. I’m looking forward to the clocks moving forward Sunday so I can run outside all the time. After my run I stopped at the gym and did legs – lunges, squats, step ups, abductor and adductor machines. I also did some back extensions and some ab exercises.

This morning I did a 15 minute Youtube workout from Zuzana Light. I also tried out the Save Your Do gym wrap, sweat band that I recently ordered. It’s supposed to help wick away sweat from your hair during your workout. I’ll do a full review next week after I put it to the real test and go for a run with it.

What songs get you pumped during your workout?


Treadmilling with No Ipod

29 Feb

Happy Leap Day! I received a barrage of emails from retailers the morning with Leap Day sales, really!? I didn’t know this was a retailing holiday. There are some good sales out there if you are looking for them, but I’ll be spending my extra day getting in a good workout and doing school stuff after I get out of work.

Yesterday, was not a good workout day. I went to the gym last night super excited with a goal of just running for 50 minutes straight. No distance goal, but just trying to go for endurance. However, I got changed into my workout gear and took my iPod nano out of my gym bag to only find out it wasn’t turning on. First, I was freaking out hoping there wasn’t something wrong with it, then I realized there was no way I could run on a treadmill without music. I’ve run plenty of times outdoors without music and I enjoy that because you have a change of scenery, but the treadmill is a whole different story.

Without music I had a whole lot of "me time" on my run.


I changed my running goal to complete 3.1 miles, even this was rough. Here are some techniques I used to keep it interesting.

1. Use varying speeds

Going at just one speed can get monotonous. Switching it up with different speeds or even inclines is a great way to keep the treadmill interesting.

2. Don’t watch the clock

Even when I have music I try to avoid looking at the clock or time on the treadmill. I tend to cover my treadmill with a towel so I don’t fixate on my time.

3. Focus on something

Luckily my gym has TVs. I tend to watch them even when I have music, but I made sure I tried to get in front of one with an interesting channel. I tend to avoid the TV that has the food network, instead I look to see if a sitcom is on or just watch the news. When I don’t have a TV I do some people watching, which is always interesting at the gym. I count other peoples reps or slyly make note of the exercises they are doing to learn some new routines.

I ended up finishing the 5k in 24:10, which I thought was impressive considering I was music-less and lacking some motivation. I was also a little uspet because I use my iPod nano to track my runs with the attached Nike+ software, so I wasn’t able to do that and I’m very close to reaching my next level. For any other Nike+ users, I’m currently at green with just over 500 miles and on my way to blue!

When I got home I found out my iPod was ok! I plugged it in and it turned on. I’m thinking I must have left it playing accidentally and the battery died. I made sure I plugged it in last night before bed so I would have a full battery for my run tonight. I’m going to do the workout I had planned on for yesterday and run for a steady 50 minutes, I have my music so I have no excuses.

Do you run with music? Does it help keep you motivated?

New Running Playlist

17 Oct

My running playlist has been lacking. The last album I bought was Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale, which has been perfect for runs and working out, but I’ve played that and a lot of my other music out the past few months.

Last night I went onto Amazon’s music store and finally added a few new songs to my music library and was able to make a new running playlist.

At my old job I used to drive for about 2 hours to and from work, so I always listened to the radio and I was up to date on new music. I don’t really listen to the radio anymore since I either walk or take public transit to work and school. When I’m in the car with Matt and I get excited about a song, but he think it’s been played out. I luckily don’t have the opportunity to hear songs get played out so I bought a lot of stuff I like but haven’t really heard that much. This is my new dance music running play list:

I think it’s a good combination of new and old. One song that probably looks like it doesn’t fit is Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, but there’s something about the beat that makes me run a little faster and I want to belt out singing mid-run.

The mix is just over 46 minutes.I just tried it out today on my 5 mile run and it was great to listen to new stuff. I feel like a new playlist is a great way to re-energize a workout. Even if I don’t buy new music I will try to make a new list every once in a while to keep my runs feeling new.