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Half Moon Manicure

13 Oct

One of my favorite web sites for beauty tips and tutorials is They have great makeup, nail and hair tutorials. This weekend I was enjoying some downtime before my race and decided to try this half moon manicure. The half moons are a little off, but I think it turned out pretty good for my first time.

My mom used to do a similar manicure on her toes. She told me she actually did the half moons by hand, it was hard enough for me to use the circles as a stencil… I guess I’ll need some more practice.

I really like using the contrasting colors and how it updates the traditional manicure. I used two Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail colors in Save the Date (the dark purple) and Lavender Marquis.

Have you seen any nail or beauty tutorials that you want to try? Do you know of any other tutorial web sites?


New Nail Polish from Essie

3 Oct

I picked up a new nail polish color this weekend. It’s from Essie and it’s called Power Clutch and it’s a nice dark grey. I had been eyeing the color, but I wasn’t sure how it would look against my skin tone. I get most of my nail polishes from Sally Hansen because they are inexpensive and get some great wear. At just under $8 this was a little more expensive than what I’m used to. To get the sort of coverage I like I had to put the coats on very thick. A regular coat looked too opaque. Overall I think it’s a great color for the fall and winter.

Do you have a favorite nail polish color right now?