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Spartan Race Victory

5 Jun

This weekend I did something kind of crazy. I ran a race. Not any race though, I ran the Tri-state NY Spartan Sprint.

This race involved a lot more than running. My team and I ended up climbing up ropes, scaling walls, crawling under barbed wire and these were only a few of the 15 obstacles on the 4 mile course. Here’s some of the photo so you can get a taste of what this race was like.

Here’s the aftermath. I was a mess, but it was so rewarding finishing this race. It pushed my body more than it’s ever been pushed before. I’m used to distance running and it’s tough, but this literally worked every muscle. Though it was really tough it was also a lot of fun.

This was part of my team. My friend Sara is the one that told me about the race. It was nice doing it with people I know and also being encouraged by mutual friends I met that day.

Matt came and took all of these great pictures and cheered me on. There were only a few areas where spectators could watch, but each time I made it to one Matt was there and cheering me on. Such a great boyfriend :)

I finished Saturday’s race in 1 hour 53 minutes. I had planned on doing a long 9 mile run the day after, but my body had different plans. I literally have never been so sore in my life, so running was completely out of the question. I’m so glad I’ve been running and doing some strength training, without it I don’t think I could have completed the race the way I did. Despite my training my arms and back have been on fire. I also have a bunch of scrapes and cuts all over my legs. This race was not for the faint of heart. I’m glad I did it though. It was a great experience and another intense race I can check off my list.

Today is the first day Iwasn’t too sore to attempt a run, so I finally got in my long run and finished 9.5 miles. The half marathon is almost here!

Have any of you competed in an obstacle race?