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Keeping Up Your Workout Routine During the Holidays

22 Dec

I’m packed and ready to start my vacation for the holidays! Today I took a rest day. My body is super sore from working out pretty hard Monday through Wednesday, so I ended up waking up and doing a little yoga and stretching. Yoga is such a great way to unwind.

Today definitely dragged at work, probably because I was so excited to travel home, but it’s over and vacation has officially begun.

I love the holidays and as fun as they can be, it can also a stressful time that’s cruel to the waistline. I will definitely be enjoying all the food, baked treats and eggnog this year, but I will also make sure that I’m keeping up with my workouts.

I typically run about 2 to 3 times a week and do early morning cardio/ body weight training about 3 to 4 times a week. It’s important for me not to let this go by the wayside, so I’m going to stay active. Here are a few tips to keep up a workout routine during the holidays.

1. Pack Your Fitness Gear

Workout clothes were the first thing in my suitcase, they also took up a lot more room than expected

If you are going away for the holidays be sure to pack a sensible amount of workout clothes. I took some vacation time from work so I will be home for about 10 days. I packed six workout outfits and my sneakers. I know luggage space is valuable, but the only way you will actually workout is to have your gear ready. On top of workout clothes I brought a running jacket, winter head band, interval timer and my notebook where I log my workouts.

2. Schedule Workouts in Advance

No real reason for this pic except the puppy is adorable and looks like he's doing yoga.


I know the next week will be pretty busy so I have already picked days that I know I will be able to fit in a workout. I will be opting for morning runs and exercises to start my day, leaving the rest of the day open to relax or enjoy holiday activities. Pick a time of day that works best for you and stick to it. Put out your clothes in advance or keep them in a spot that is easily accessible for when you are ready to exercise.

3. Don’t Overdo It With the Food


I’m all for enjoying holiday food, but I also know it’s very easy to overdo it. Try not to stuff yourself and stick to your regular servings. I’m a big advocate of enjoying things in moderation. If you are considering going for another plate wait about 15 minutes to see if you are actually hungry. It takes time for food to digest and after waiting you may realize you aren’t that hungry after all.

3. Stick to What You Know

My go-to exercises are pushups and crunches, they are easy and no equipment is needed.


This may not be the best time to try out a new exercise routine. I will be sticking to my old running routes and some of my go-to exercises. I also have some old exercise DVD’s at home that are also good substitutes in case the weather is too bad out for a run. Though I love getting a good workout in, I don’t really want to be extra sore during the holidays and this can happen if you start to work different muscles with new routines.

4. Have Fun With Family & Friends

Some of my best runs have been with my friends and Matt.


Friends and family are home for the holidays so this is a great time to invite them to workout with you. Invite someone on a run or to the gym with you. Do a DVD workout together. The holidays are really about enjoying time with your loved ones, so why not include them in something you enjoy. One year my dad brought me to his gym with a guest past and I loved it. We did a spinning class (which I had never done before and really liked) and the next time I was able to try out some of the cardio equipment which was really advanced compared to my gym (TVs on every machine). I also loved that we were able to spend time together doing something we both enjoy.

This will be my last post until after Christmas so I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday! Merry Christmas everyone. From the weather reports they are saying CT may have a white Christmas this year, I’m keeping my fingers crossed ;)

What will you be doing to stay active during the holidays?

I will be getting in a couple of runs and may try out some old DVDs.