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Snowed In!

31 Oct

The snow storm this weekend ended up derailing a few plans. I was in Connecticut and by 2 pm Saturday the roads were already slick and coated with a layer of snow.

Snow at 2 pm outside of Matt's house

Originally we were supposed to go to a Halloween party Saturday night. I had bought makeup and some clothes for a vampire costume. However the snow had different plans for us that day. We spent the day inside relaxing.

Old Navy knit cardigan, $50, Splendid hoody, $87, Scoop neck tee, $13, Nike top, $25, Old Navy activewear pants, $20, Quiksilver, $25, Jane Eyre, $20, Ivory shoes, $30, Minnetonka shoes, $39, Moma sparkle jewelry, $14

I took this opportunity to relax in some super comfy clothes. This weekend included yoga pants, sweat pants and big sweaters. Although I love dressing up, casual stay at home clothes might be my favorite. I love getting under big fleece blankets with some tea and a good book, especially in the winter. I also love wearing my fuzzy slippers all over the house.

Since we were snowed in I was able to catch up on last weeks episode of Gossip Girl and we watched Halloween with Matt’s family. Around 8 o’clock we decided there was no way we would be able to drive to the party so we had some pizza and got ready to watch The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose. About 5 minutes into the movie the power went out.

We lit some candles and it ended up being an early night. On Sunday the power was still out and we found out a lot of Connecticut ended up losing power. Sunday we tried to find somewhere to eat lunch and almost everything was closed because there wasn’t power. We eventually got lunch at a mall food court. On the way to the bus station we also needed to get gas for Matt’s car, which was a small nightmare. All the gas stations were out of gas or the pumps didn’t have electricity. We eventually found a place that was open and waited almost 30 minutes in line to get gas. I had never seen anything like it before.

When I got to Boston last night there was pretty much no snow on the ground and my roommates told me all we got was rain.

Since there was no snow on the ground today it felt like a nice Fall day. It was perfect weather for a post work run. I just got in from running 5.6 miles in 44 min 30 sec and it felt great. I still want to sign up for at least one race before Christmas. I actually think I might enjoy running in colder temps better than running in the summer.

Did you dress up for Halloween this weekend? Or if your plans were changed due to weather what did you end up doing?