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6 Accessories that Can Update an Outfit

19 Oct

I have a pretty large wardrobe with a lot of basics and items that I have had for years. Since I graduated from undergrad I’ve been trying to slowly update my wardrobe to include more mature pieces, moving away from so many t-shirts and sweatpants. It’s definitely been a process and I’m not willing to spend a fortune right now to do a whole closet overhaul, but I have been looking at small ways to update my outfits mainly through the use of accessories. Jeans and a cute t-shirt can get elevated using just one or a few of these pieces.

1. Watches

Look for watches with bold colors or interesting designs to make a statement.

WatchesLa Mer Collections wrap watch, $128, Liz Claiborne clear watch, $52, Red Herring buckle watch, �14, Button jewelry, $40

2. Scarves

Colors, patterns and textures in scarves can update a t-shirt or sweater. It also makes it seem look like more work was put into your outfit.

3. Statement Jewelry

Jewelery can really serve as a great accent to any outfit. I like jewelry with bold colors or anything with an interesting design.

4. Belts

Skinny, chunky, colorful or classic, belts are a great item to pull an outfit together. They can be used in a very utilitarian way to hold up your pants, or simply as an accent piece at your waist. The great part of using belts on top of sweaters or blouses is they can create the appearance of a slimmer waist, which is great to get that hourglass shape.

5. Handbags

Look for bags with interesting colors and sizes to liven up a neutral outfit. If the idea of having a colorful handbag freaks you out scale down and try a color in a clutch. A colorful clutch is fun and a great addition to an outfit for a night out.

6. Sunglasses

Granted, I know it’s not always sunny out, but there’s something about sunglasses that just makes an outfit look cooler. So if it’s a nice day out use sunglasses as a way to liven up your look. Also, avoid wearing sunglasses at night or indoors it’s a fad that just really needs to end already.

These accessories can be worn on their own or paired together. I tried to include items in a wide price range to show that you can pick these items up at any price point. Some accessories I’m willing to splurge on are a great purse or watch. I typically try shops like H&M or Forever 21 for smaller items since you can’t beat the prices and they carry a lot of on trend items.

What’s your go to accessory to complete an outfit?

Lately I’ve been big on scarves, but I’ve been looking for new types of jewelry.