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3 Ways to Transition Warm Weather Clothes for the Cold

16 Dec

This morning I did a great BodyRock workout, which really got me up and ready for the day.

I had my work holiday party this afternoon. We had some great food and treats. For the yankee swap I held on to this great cookbook for most of it, but ended up having that taken and having to re-pick a gift so I got this weird coffee mug…

You win some and you lose some I guess.

I did my nails last night to make them a little festive. I wanted to do a little sparkle polish but nothing to over the top for work. Last weekend I bought OPI’s Excuse Moi!!, which I love. So I decided to do a twist on the french manicure. I used Milani’s Bet On Red as the base.

I use the manicure strips that come in these packages to perfect the shape on the tip. I let the base coat dry completely before I put on the strips and I added the glitter polish.

Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit


Here is the final product.

I think it came out pretty good.

I’m also so excited because I am officially done with my semester!! I had my last class tonight and now I just have one more semester until I get my Masters Degree in Marketing. I’m so ready to enjoy my month without classes.

3 Ways to Transition Warm Weather Clothes for the Cold

It’s finally getting nippy here in New England. This is the time to bring out the sweaters, tights, gloves, scarves, jackets and to start layering, but this is a good time to transition some key summer and warmer weather pieces for the cold. You don’t have to store all of your cute dresses, shorts and tank tops and I’ll show you some easy ways and sample looks to help you rock your favorite summer items all year long.

1. Cardigans are a Girls Best Friend

Cardigans and wrap sweaters are a wardrobe staple. They are also the perfect way to warm up summer pieces. This is a great way to winterize your tank tops and short sleeve shirts for the winter. This cardigan and tank combo would look great with the belt over the sweater around the waist.

Cardigans are a Girls Best Friend

By the5kfashionista

Great Plains shawl collar cardigan, $94, Old navy shirt, $7.99, Miss Selfridge dark skinny jeans, £38, Report high heel boots, $50, Radley handbag, £104, Cubic zirconia earrings, $49, Leather belt, $58

2. Tights and More Tights

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing shorts and skirts. Thick tights are a great way to make your shorts winter ready. I have actually gone with a similar look on a couple of occasions. Another great variation is wearing the shorts with tights and knee high boots for some added warmth. This look also adds a cardigan to warm up a sleeveless blouse.

Tights and More Tights

Abercrombie Fitch embellished cardigan, $70, Oasis sleeveless blouse, £30, Miss Selfridge shorts, £32, Aerie, $16, Ravel low heels, £40, ASOS stackable ring, 84 NOK, Kendra Scott pink earrings, $60, ASOS engraved bangle bracelet, $15

3. Layer It Up

Overall, layering is your best bet to get the most out of your summer wardrobe in the winter. I use tank tops underneath my sweaters as an added layer. This look adds a cardigan over a summery print dress, picking up on the dresses yellow tones.  Warm tights are an extra accessory to keep your legs warms. This dress is a more subdued color, but you can use a similar approach to brighter summer colors or prints.

Layer It Up

Olsenboye summer dress, $20, Madewell cardigan, $56, Betsey Johnson tight, $28, Ash high heels, $88, Oasis black shoulder bag, $60, LORD & TAYLOR gold stud earrings, $50, Resin ring, $75

These looks incorporate many of the three ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks to try to get the most out of your summery clothes.  Also, a great way to keep warm is to add some winter accessories. Hats, scarves and gloves are great ways to keep you warm and also come in cute styles.

Winter Accessories

Fair isle tight, £20, Dorothy Perkins fur scarve, $28, J Crew star scarve, $40, Abercrombie Fitch cable knit glove, $38, Bow glove, $20, Vince Camuto gold hat, $40

Do you re-purpose your summer clothes in the winter?

I keep a lot of tanks and short sleeve blouses on hand. Recently I have started to wear shorts with tights as a going out look.