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6 Things to Do After Grad School

23 May

It has finally sunk in that I’m done with grad school. With this new feeling of freedom I’ve started thinking of all the things I haven’t had time to do because of school. These are the 6 things to do post-graduation.

1. Read a book

The first week after I was done with graduation I picked up a book. It’s a great feeling to read for pleasure. You no longer have to plow through pages at a time of stiff academic material, so reading whatever you want can be fun. I purchased a bunch of books while I was in school and now I can start to get through them.

My roommate let me borrow “50 Shades of Grey” and it’s far from great literature, it’s more of a smutty, easy-read, and is just what I needed. I’m already on to the third book in the series and it feels great to read something and just not think.

Don’t judge – it’s so bad, it’s almost good.

Also on my list:

The Beautiful and Damned – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Books 2 – 3 in the Hunger Games series – Suzanne Collins

The Rum Diary – Hunter S. Thompson

As you can see I’ve been on a bit of a novel to movie kick. I think these books may get me through the summer. If you are on Goodreads friend me if you want to stay up on what I’m reading and I would love to hear some suggestions.

2. Catch up on all the TV you’ve missed

I don’t know about any other recent grads, but I hardly watched any TV while I was in school. What better way to veg out than in front of a TV getting tangled into a great storyline. I’m currently getting caught up on Gossip Girl and Mad Men. I also discovered a new show on HBO called Girls, which is funny, awkward and a new guilty pleasure while I wait for True Blood to start up again.

3. If possible take a vacation

I worked through my grad program so I knew I wanted to take some time off. Originally I was thinking a stay-cation would have been great, just taking a week off this summer to see Matt, but little did I know he had bigger plans. He booked a trip for us to go to Aruba, so early July I will be on my way to sandy beaches and tropical weather. Going far away isn’t always possible with a work schedule or financially, but it’s important to just take some time out for yourself.

I will be lying on this beach in a little over a month!


4. Update your resume and apply for jobs

If you already have a job you love, great, stick with it. I went to get my masters knowing I wanted more knowledge of the marketing field and now that I’m done I’m starting to look for jobs that interest me in the field.

Once you graduate update your resume and list any significant projects or classes you took while in school. Applying for jobs can be tedious, but the sooner you get your resume out the better. The economy has been rough on new job seekers, so don’t get discouraged. Read up on ways to improve your resume and cover letter and take advantage of any of your schools career services center.

5. Have a social life

During school I didn’t have much of a social life. I didn’t see my family or friends nearly as much as I would have liked. Go out for a drink with friends or co-workers, make the drive to see your family, or just call someone up. This is a time to reconnect, so enjoy it.

6. Get back into a hobby

For me I can start to run and workout on a more regular schedule. I also signed up to run my half marathon a few months after graduation since I knew I would have time to prepare for it. Running and working out is important to me and it’s something I enjoy. Do something you enjoy. It can be working out, crafting, volunteering, anything that makes you happy.

Basically after graduation you should do something that you enjoy. Whether it’s starting a new hobby or just relaxing.

This Weeks Workouts

Since my gym membership expired I have decided not to renew it since there’s the possibility that I may be moving before the end of the summer. So instead of hitting the weights at the gym I’ll be back to doing online videos and weights to supplement my runs while I finish up my training for the half marathon in June.


3 miles – 22:32


10 minute online video


3 mile run – around 24 minutes, plus 10 minute online video


Mock 5k, 2 times with a negative split


Strength training or video


Hill repeats: Warm-up 10 minutes on flat surface. 5 x 60 second sprint, rest 1 minutes between. Cool down 10 minutes.



What are some great books or mindless reads you have gotten into recently?


Life and Training Update

17 May

Since my last post quite a bit has happened personally and with my training. The most important accomplishment is that I gradated this weekend! I officially have my master’s degree and it feels so amazing to be done. I’ve been able to read books and watch TV. It’s so nice not to have to do assigned reading, or have homework, or work on group projects. I couldn’t be happier.

Also, I ran a 5k on May 5.

Some race day swag

It was the Boston Marine Corps Honor 5k and matched a personal best with a time of 22:24 and a 7:13 split. I also finished 5th in the female 25 to 29 division, finishing 115 out of 1090 overall. It was a great race and it has definitely motivated me to push a little harder on my next 5k to bring that time down further.

After the race my plantar fasciitis got worse so I took about few days off from training, but I recently started back up again. I also purchased some night splints which have been really helping. I’ve had a lot less pain in my heel and arches. I’m still doing the recommended plantar strengthening exercises too.


7 miles – 56:15


6.11 miles -51:21, 8:24 split. The last mile and a half of this was uphill and it was brutal. I took a few walking breaks since the hill was so steep.


5.14 miles – 41:11, 8:00 split

I planned to go to the gym Wednesday but I got there and found out my membership expired. Since I’m not sure if I’ll be staying in Boston I haven’t decided if I’m going to renew or not, so I’m going to have to do as much as I can at home.

Saturday I have a 8 miler scheduled. It’s nice to finally be increasing my distance. The half marathon is just over 5 weeks away!

Do you stick to a training plan or just do what you are in the mood for that day when it comes to exercise?

New Running Shoes and Month Two of Training Begins

3 May

So to follow-up on my last post, I went to the doctor on Friday and they basically recommended that I stop running in my old running shoes (which I already suspected) and they also gave me some exercises to prevent plantar fasciitis. Some of the pain I was experiencing was starting to show signs of plantar issues. They told me to continue to ice, use ibuprofen for inflammation and use different shoes.

Right after my appointment I went to Marathon Sports right in Cambridge. I’ve heard  a lot of great things about them, specifically that they will fit you for running shoes. When I got there they had me take off my shoes and walk around to determine my gait. Then they had me run outside in a pair of shoes to view my running form. They told me that I have a normal gait, which was surprising because I’ve heard that I over pronate in the past.

After that they brought out a bunch of sneakers for me to try out. I was able to try them on and jog outside on the sidewalk in them to get a feel for them. It was a great experience and I’ve never been to a running store that was that thorough.

I ended up with a pair of Asics Gel Excel 33‘s and I absolutely love them so far.

My new running shoes!

I’ve done long and short runs in them and couldn’t be happier. I can’t stand heavy running shoes so finding something light weight was important to me and these shoes are not only light, but are nicely cushioned. The tongue of the shoe also stays in place while I run, which hasn’t been the case with some of my other sneakers. I wasn’t a fan of the color at first, but they’ve grown on me. I also haven’t been experiencing foot pain which is the most important part, so I’m happy.

This week I started month two of my training which includes some new workouts for the strength training days. Here is what my week looks like:


Track 6 x 400 Goal: Time Yourself. Beat Your Time with each 400 that you run. Optional: Strength Train WO

No strength training for me, but here were my 400 times:



Tempo Run: 2 miles EASY

I ran this in 16:07 on the treadmill.


Strength Train A

There were a bunch of new workouts and I’m really sore today.


Tempo Run 2: 2 mile Goal: Meet/ Beat Tuesday’s Run Time

I did beat Tuesday’s time at 15:50 outdoors. I caught a bunch of traffic lights so this could have been faster.


Off – resting to get my PR in the 5k on Saturday


5K Race – Beat your PR



To follow the training schedule I ended up signing up for a 5k this Saturday. I haven’t run a race in a while so I’m excited. I just looked at the weather today though and it’s expected to rain on Saturday. I’m still going to try my hardest to get my personal record and I will try not to let the weather deter me from that. I’ll post soon to say how the race went and also to list the strength training exercises I’m doing this month.

Does the weather effect your runs?

First Lifting Day

2 Feb

Yesterday I had my first lifting day following my fitness program. I had originally planned on doing the arms portion of my lifting routine on Tuesday, but I was still a little intimidated and there were a lot of people at the gym so I backed off. Yesterday I decided to just go for it and I completed the whole routine.

I ran a 5k on the treadmill at a pretty fast pace. I was definitely looking to get some speed in yesterday. I followed this up with a half mile walk to cool down. Then I went straight to the machines, this is what my workout consisted of:

Assisted Pullups
Bicep Curls
Tricep Pushdowns
Shoulder Presses
Lat Pulldowns

I did 3 sets of easy weights and did my reps according to the plan. At first I was thinking it was really easy and almost started to up my weights, but by the time I got to the lat pulldowns I was exhausted.


I may not have been bench pressing, but I still felt pretty bad ass. I think next week when I do these again I may keep the same weights to get used to it. Friday I plan to do the leg portion so I’ll be using all new equipment for that and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

This morning I did this full body “Booty Shaping” workout. I keep track of all my scores so it was nice to see improvements from the last time I did this workout months ago. I was doing more pushups and v-ups. Seeing progress is always motivating.

Random Stuff

This week has been crazy, so I didn’t get to mention the awesome weekend I had. Matt and I drove to Long Island and we met up with a bunch of my friends from college. It was an amazing time. I always get so excited when I get to see my girls.

Now I’m off to my last class of the week tonight. I’m still trying to get used to my new schedule. My classes are on different nights and I’m working out on different days, I’m feeling a little out of whack. I’m thinking I should be all up to speed next week.

Alsooo, I realized I haven’t done a fashion post in a while so this weekend I’ll have a new post up. Here’s a hint, it will be a sunny tropical theme :)



Holiday Party Outifts – What to Wear to Work Gatherings

8 Dec

I did a short 3 mile run on Monday at an easy pace. My legs are killing me now from a BodyRockTV exercise challenge I did on Tuesday. I also did a tough workout yesterday morning, so before work today I decided to just get in some yoga and stretching to loosen up.

Today I got in a longer run at the gym. I decided to do a steady 5 miles, but it was pretty rough. First, I was ridiculously sore and then half way through I had to take a bathroom break.  Running to the bathroom totally threw me off, but what can you do. This weekend I will definitely be taking it easy to allow my body some time to recover with some rest, a lot of stretching and very easy cardio, if I decide to do any.

Due to a change in plans I will end up in Boston next weekend. I was originally going to visit a friend, but one of my exam periods is scheduled for Friday evening so it would have been a lot of traveling in a short weekend. Seriously, why would my school schedule an exam on a Friday?  Now I’m a little conflicted because there’s a Jingle Bell Run that I’m now free to possibly run. It’s next Sunday, but I’m still a little undecided. The weather seems decent enough for a run, granted it’s a little chilly, but it’s a $38 registration. I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

What to Wear to Work Gatherings

As promised I thought it would be a good idea to put together some holiday party outfit ideas, and this will be a 2 part series. Part two will focus on more fun night out outfits. Picking outfits for work gatherings can be tough because it’s important to look professional, but you also want to get into the holiday spirit.

Casual Work Holiday Party

Oasis boatneck top, $95, Minuet Petite cigarette pants, £38, Ted baker shoes, $90, Mango shoulder bag, £55, BCBG Max Azria white pearl jewelry, $78, Blu Bijoux white jewelry, $18

I liked this for a casual work party. The lightly sequined sweater is festive and cute. It could also be worn with collared shirt underneath for a little bit of layering. I love these deep purple ankle pants. Bold colored pants are in this season and these achieve that look in a subtle way. Kitten heel pumps are great for comfort in an office setting and the slight accent on the heel of these shoes make them interesting. The accessories help bring this all together with the small drop earrings and layered pearl bracelet. I personally like having a large bag for the office to carry all my stuff for the day.

This is an outfit that can transition from day to night. It could be used for a party during work or to head out for drinks and happy hour right after.

Evening Work Holiday Party

Dorothy Perkins purple evening dress, $69, H M knit cardigan, £30, Armani Exchange seamed nylon stocking, $15, Platform pumps, $50, La Regale metallic clutch, $58, Natasha Couture metal jewelry, $38, Vince Camuto silver jewelry, $48, Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian pave earrings, $39

I’ve personally never had one, but many offices have formal holiday parties. I’m a little jealous because I love any reason to put on a cocktail or evening dress. For a work event it’s still important to stay professional, nothing too short, too tight or too skimpy. This dress is a nice medium, the one shoulder only shows a little skin and the detailing is gorgeous. I would recommend dark colored nylons or tights to avoid showing too much leg. The sequined cardigan will be good to have if the event is chilly, a nice shawl would also do the trick. The metallic clutch, drop earrings, ring and bracelet also add some appeal and slight drama to this outfit. An evening event is also a good time to bring out the pumps.

Is anyone else doing a Jingle Bell run?

I’ve never done one and thought it might be fun. If I do it, I am definitely running in a santa hat.

Does anyone have a work holiday party they are attending?

I have one next Friday during work, we do a yankee swap and have small snacks and chat. It’s a nice change from the usual workday and it’s nice to catch up with people from the office that I don’t see regularly.

Turkey Trot Success

28 Nov

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I got back to Boston last night after an amazing weekend.


I woke up bright and early for a 6:45 a.m. turkey trot. I was up a little before 5 a.m. since the race was about 40 minutes away. The race was a 5k and I finished it in 22:13.22 with a 7:14 split time.

Headed toward the finish line!

I just checked the results online and I also found out I placed first within my age group. I had no idea, I guess I should have waited for the award ceremony after. One thing that I liked about this race is they gave out medals as you crossed the finish line.

The medal I received crossing the finish line

I was number 90 overall and from what I heard medals were given to the first 150 finishers. There were 718 participants in the race.

Matt came to watch the race, it’s nice to have someone there for you when you finish a race. After we went back to my parents house to rest and then we had Thanksgiving dinner in the early afternoon. It was delicious! The spread included smoked turkey, stuffing, candied yams, green beans, macaroni and cheese,, cranberry sauce, biscuits, and gravy. Dessert included a delicious pumpkin cheese cake. Matt and I then went to Southbury to celebrate with his family.


Friday was another early morning. I was up around 4:45 a.m. to do some black Friday shopping. I finished most of my Christmas shopping which was pretty exciting.

Friday night I was able to see some of my good friends from high school. Some of them I haven’t seen in years and it was Matt’s first time meeting some of them. I had a great time just catching up with everyone.


Matt played some football with some high school friends on Saturday morning. Saturday night we helped his family decorate their Christmas tree.

Sunday I went to church with the fam. I spent the rest of the day eating leftovers and watching TV with my mom and dad before I had to take the bus back to Boston.

The whole weekend was sort of a blur, but I was so glad to spend time with my friends and family. I also love seeing my dog Sammy.

Sammy was begging for food all weekend. We let him have some turkey on Thanksgiving.

Today I was back to my regular schedule. I went to the gym and got a nice 5 mile run in. I will be spending the rest of the week working on school stuff. Finals are right around the corner and I have some major projects due so I may not be posting quite as regularly the next couple of weeks.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Jackets Galore

17 Nov

One week until Thanksgiving and I couldn’t be more excited to see my family and enjoy a little break from work and school. That means there is also just one week until my 5k Turkey Trot. My last race was a 10k and it was pretty rough. I’m going into this race just for fun. Of course I want to do well, but I’m not going to worry about getting a personal best this time. Instead I just want to end the race knowing I did my best and feeling good afterward.

I started out the morning with an intense workout called “The Trainer Who Loved Me” it took me just under 30 minutes and I was feeling the burn throughout. I also liked this workout because you don’t need any equipment, it’s all just body weight training.

I went to this presentation at my school after work so I ended up going to the gym later than usual. Since I got in such an intense workout this morning I decided to just do a speed trial for the 5k on the treadmill. I got through the 3.13 miles in 25:04. I may try to get in one more longer distance workout and some light intervals before my race on Thursday.

 Jackets Galore

Fall finally feels like it is actually here and that means it’s time to pullout those fall and winter jackets, if you haven’t done so already. I have a pretty large selection of jackets that range from formal to sporty. My collection includes leather, wool and waterproof and vary in sizes. Jackets can make a statement while being out in the colder temps, especially since no one can see your cute outfit underneath all those layers. Also, a versatile jacket can last for years so it’s worth investing in good quality pieces.

Jackets GaloreCalvin Klein long coat, $148, Victoria s Secret double breasted pea coat, $128, Oasis leather jacket, $150, TNA jacket

The Cape

Capes are on trend this season. They create an interesting silhouette and will definitely make a statement. A cape would look great with skinny or slim pants or a dress. Check out my Gossip Girl Inspired Fashion Post to see a great example of a cape being worn.

Pea Coats

Pea coats are a classic wardrobe staple. It’s a great idea to have one in a neutral color like black or camel and you can use this item for years. If you want to make a statement go for a bright color or interesting pattern.

Pink Pea Coat

This is an old picture from college, but this is one of my favorite pea coats


Bomber jackets are great for a casual day. They look great with jeans and definitely add a coolness factor to any outfit.

Faux Fur

The jacket I listed here looks nice and warm and would also be great for a casual day. Faux fur is also being used in an bunch of different types of jackets including pea coats. Fur is a big trend this season, so why not be good to the environment and be in style with the faux version. Not to mention faux fur is a whole lot cheaper.

What’s your favorite type of fall or winter jacket?

I’m partial to pea coats, I have four different types in my closet right now.